Need Help by American Human :)

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  1. Hey guys

    I have this huge thing in school where we do a project about a country.
    I got the USA and decided to do a film about it.
    I have some ideas of what I would like to do but one of the things that could make me stand out of the crowd would be to have videos of real people who live in the US.

    So my question is:
    Is anybody ready to help me by:
    A,Having Skype conversations with me, maybe even Webcam where I can film it and use the material?
    B. Film himself while answering some of my questions
    C. Sending me written responses to my questions.
    If you have other suggestions, feel free to bring them up, I need all the help I can get.


    Why cant you take videos from Youtube?
    I have and I will but I also need some new material from people that are telling me what I need to know :). It will be a more personal angle.

    Id rather spend my time earning Rupees in EMC!
    Well,If you do a good job,I might pay you rupees for helping me out.

    Will the movie be awesome?
    Yeah,This is my 16th film and I have some really good software which can help me :)

    Can I watch it before you show it to the public?
    Yeah, if your a part of it and want to make sure that it's okay, no problem :)

    What kind of questions will you ask?
    # About the USA Military
    #Fat People,No offense :)
    #How big the USA is compared to other countries
    #Who you are and what you do?
    # 1. thing that you know about Sweden :)
    # The best thing with USA
    There is more if you are up for it :)

    I would like to have someone from the USA army or navi so if someones up for it but other people are good to :)

    Skype : thestar191,Sweden

    Thank you
  2. :) i can help! :)
  3. Awesome!
    How do you wanna do it?

    Problem solved :)