[NEED] Diamond Supporter Voucher

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  1. Hey guys Im looking for a Diamond Supporter Voucher. I dont think I have quite enough rupees so here is what I have to offer:

    Turkey Slicer
    Super Dragon Poop
    Cupids Bow
    4 Dragon Stone Fragments
    Maxarian Head
    Magical Eggcellent Wand

    Please Contact Me ASAP as I need this voucher as quickly as possible. Thanks!
  2. BUMP! Come on guys I really need one...
  3. Guys I really need one of these before the end of the 26th! Please let me know if you have one you can sell me.
  4. What's a diamond supporter voucher?
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  6. Please Guys! I really need this! Its gonna be a gift to a friend. I need one ASAP! Now Adding the Maxarian Head and Magical Eggcellent Wand! Trade me now before it's to late!
  7. BUMP! Guys I NEED this TODAY! Please Contact me ASAP if you have one!
  8. rebel, dont get to angry just chill maybe people dont have one, try momaczap if hes on he might. :D
  9. I am not angry. Sorry you saw it that way, I'll lower the caps next time lol. Just kind of rushed lol.
  10. Bump! Come on guys please... I really really need this... Its a gift for a friend and I need it, well, now lol. Please... Someone contact me... I am offering 115k, 5 promos and 4 dragon stone fragments. If you are interested I need to be contacted in the next roughly 12 hours or it will be to late.

    Thanks guys.
    The Guy In Need,
  11. You have been gone a long time, lol

    They involve entering dragon tombs (WIP)
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  12. Rebel. No-one obviously has any otherwise they would reply. Just wait like the rest of us do and hopefully one will turn up eventually. Why do you need one exactly?
  13. Today, May 27th, is my best friends birthday. I really wanted to try and go "overboard" this year by getting him a gift with real life cash and getting him diamond supporter for a month. The thing is he is probably going to come over to my house today so I really need the voucher within the next 3 hours or so.
  14. 1. That's not real life cash :p 2. I'm sorry that we can't help. Remember someone has to be buying these vouchers and as some people would say "money's tight at the moment" :)
  15. 1. By real life cash I mean like something else... Like a new game for his xbox 360 or some new equipment for his computer. I am not talking about this voucher, this is more of an added bonus.

    2. Thanks, and I understand the "money is tight at the moment" thing, as money is tight for me right now also.
  16. 20 bucks buys 180k Rupees right now because of the 30% thing. I'd be willing to buy one for you if you could add a little bit more to it. Let me know via PM. :)
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  17. His birthday is almost over... Please contact me if you have a diamond supporter voucher!
  18. So you're offering all of that stuff in your initial post for a diamond voucher?
  19. Yes
    Quick Edit: But I need it in the next 3 hours...