Need computer fixing suggestions!!

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  1. Hello EMC! It's been a while Since I Have played and all EMC wise I'm not doing so well but that's all for this one reason:


    So I need a place where I can fix my computer. Here are some things I Know and did

    • I tried BestBuy but since my warranty went void i can't fix it there
    • Its about 3-5 years old
    • Its Toshiba
    • universal chargers of many dont work
    (plz dont tell me get a new computer or to rid of it)
    Thank you EMC and happy new year!
  2. Have you tried a new battery? And does it work plugged in without a battery?
  3. Well just now I did experimenting and found out the inside of the charger is broken but its difficult to charge
    For example if you bump the computer it will stop charging. Also if I pull the charger forward the light will turn on

    by the way a new battery will have to wait until we r out of ideas but thx ill try that second one out
  4. If it isn't a battery issue just a power cord you could look on Toshiba's website and see if they sell replacement chargers. Then cross check prices on places like Amazon.
  5. Looks like the socket for the charger is broken. It's going to have to be repaired.
    This happens because of strain on the cord making it wobble around in the socket.

    Hope I helped.
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  6. Your probably right ill see if that's the reason by using my flash light thx!
  7. Ill do that also just in case cause the plastic part broke XD
    But it still should be fine Thx