1. Any 1 selling coal very cheap if so put your res and what SMP
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  2. you have tree farm right, you should have unlimited supply of charcoal
  3. Some times people want to just buy things instead of putting the time into them. This way they can get what they want that much faster.
  4. He needs coal for the logs to burn :) no he doesnt I now... ;)
  5. No he doesn't.

    Burn 1 log with a wooden plank to create 1 charcoal. Burn 8 more logs with that 1 charcoal to make 8 more charcoal. Then use that charcoal to burn a stack of logs to create a stack of charcoal. Then use that stack of charcoal on 8 stacks of logs to create 8 stacks of charcoal. ... rinse and repeat, exponentially increasing the amount of charcoal you create. Simple as that.
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  6. You missed the second part.
  7. Its alright Seph, my ideas about having unlimited charcoal, and unlimited supply of logs from one saplings isn't understood here lol owell "To One's Own"
  8. I think Silken_Thread from smp6 sells some. or daffy22 also on smp6