Need Cash? How well are you at signitures?

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  1. Well Hello EMC! Im back with a chance to get you some more money!
    So im looking for someone who can make a signature that I like.
    Here are the requirements
    1) Must have my minecraft skin
    2) Must have residence information
    3) Must have image of the Village
    4) Must have on it somewhere "Medieval Village" (without the ")

    Thank you!

    P.S. you will be able to win 5k if yours is the best in my opinion. Send signatures to Thanks and Good Luck!
  2. AlexChance has a good service..
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  3. Thank you
  4. Does this look fine?
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  5. Look good but
    could you make the image different?
  6. What would you like the image to be?
  7. maybe make it so the image is the one when you spawn there
  8. I'll try to make you one 1 sec.
    Btw an example of what I made in my signature