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  1. I am EquaLivern building manager tomijo95 and If you need something built,
    but can not think of what exactly then you can contact me (tomijo95) with detials.

    Contact Informatation
    PM on SMP7 tomijo95
    PM on the forum tomijo95
    Leave a comment down below

    Since you are the Customer we will listen to what you want and fulfill the needs you desire!
    This goes for anything: Fix a build, new build, and etc.

    Job types:

    We Got you Covered!!!

    We can do custom creation or re-creation of what you seen and like.

    If your also wanting a interior designing EquaLivern your guy.
    I am a girl you would thing interior designing would come natural to me.
    Well I've struggled from time to time and I know i can always count on Equa to do a great job.

    Note: If we do a re-creation then PM and image of what you want re-created.
    Cost will vary depending on what you want. If we have to get supplies for your build then there will be down payment.

    These are some of the Builds EquaLivern
    2014-12-06_00.03.20.png 2015-01-07_13.28.28.png 2015-01-07_13.29.04.png 2015-01-07_13.29.19.png
  2. This Is EquaLivern Res
    Its not finished yet but i must say it look awesome so far!!!
  3. im seeing alot of simple structures and a copy pasted dragon, can you show me something that will really dazzle me?
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  4. I'll see what EquaLivern can come up with
  5. Get your building need here. PM or comment down below if you need our services.
  6. Another one of EquaLivern things he's building sorry Equa if I wasn't suppose to show this it's just really great