Need BIG help! massive project!!!

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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to recruit a few people to build a iron farm! What were going to do is go really far into the wild, and build a iron golem spawner thing :p Im going to need 3 people to help do all this!
    To ask to be recruited just PM me this Sign up sheet:
    Home Server:
    What can you bring?: ( explained in post below)

    How Long have you been playing Minecraft?
    We will need...
    128 Glass
    9 Lava Buckets
    4Water Buckets
    128 Sticky Pistons
    128 Redstone Repeaters
    ALOT of villager eggs
    And about 50 signs.
    4 Doors
    8 Stacks Of Cobble

    Just send Me PM if your interested. Im in australia , so times will try be based around that.
    Payment you say? All the iron you want!
  2. Is this allowed?
  3. Well yeah? And you wanna help?
  4. yup i'm in :)
    Name : zSlumDog
    Home : SMP1
    If you set up a chest for me on SMP1 I can just keeping putting stuff in it
  5. i can make the doors.
    Name: Slam_cam23
    Home: SMP1
    I'll make the doors
  6. ok zslun ur in. Slam Sorry, doors just arny good enough D: My apologies.
  7. Having to put down his own brother... xD
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  8. lol s_R_L_B u joining?
  9. Nah.. I'm to lazy.
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  10. I in
    I can bring the signs
    andth the doors:D
  11. snozles... hmm, can you bring any cobbblestone?
  12. zslum, got any ava buckets or anyhting? coz thats what were missing? and will setup some chest. we also need TONS of villager eggs!
  13. 2 More spots open guys!
  14. Edit: Found out I need to PM him. Derp.
  15. ummm, obviously the will be aloud. Ok everyone check the post. Sign-up has been updated!
  16. i have glass
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  17. no sorry I just have a crap-ton of wood:)