Need admin help with my lot

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  1. A while back I had planted an oak tree relatively close to the border of my lot. When it grew, it grew into one of the bigger oak with the branches that extend out to the sides. Some of these branches grew out of my lot so they are located over the public road.

    I went to cut down this oak tree and I cannot finish cutting it down. I am unable to cut down or get rid of the branches that grew out of my lot over the road.

    I asked a mod at one point to help me and he said I would need an admin to help me clean up the rest of this tree.

    My lot is on smp4. The lot # is 8624. The remaining branches are in the northwest corner of the lot.

    Thank you.
  2. I can come clear this up for you in a few hours time, this happens very frequently and is easy to fix. :)
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  3. I did this with lava on my old smp3 res inthink its stIll there it got glitched and stuck <.>
  4. Sounds good. Thanks. :)
  5. Would you happen to have the time to do so at my res too? Its not much, but its there? :)
    - Sincerly, Des
  6. Absolutely. :)
    I've been thinking of starting a thread in the help and support section for requests for staff assistance relating to street/server related cleanups, I just need to find the time to write it up. :)
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  7. Thanks Shaun :) Any ETA? :)

    And about the thread, sounds like a very good idea!
  8. this happens a lot... perhaps turning the streets into something along the lines of a periodic reset area, so that you admin and senior mods don't have to clean up all the time would make it a bit easier.
  9. That a great idea I know it would be more load on the server but a 2day timer for it?
  10. It's not that bad if it's run continuously. With a 2 day target time, it would need to check 1 column (64 blocks; checking y=64 to y=127 is enough) every 4.5 game ticks (~1/4th second). Up the target time to 2 weeks and it's 1.5 seconds. The check itself is rather cheep, even more so if only the blocks that are supposed to be air are checked.
  11. What I do to fix this.

    99.9% of the time, There's some leaf in your Res. Set that on fire with flint and steel and it'll burn down :)
  12. We don't really endorse this action, but I myself also used it when I was a noob here. :p
    I would be very careful if you chose to attempt this though, it can quickly spread to the street, other structures on your lot, and neaby lots if they have close structures to the road.
  13. I logged on before work this morning briefly and it looks like the branches were cleaned up and the leaves are rotting away.

    Thanks very much. :)
  14. true the air thing is true xD