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  1. Hey guys, I am planning on starting a youtube channel soon and I need some people or a person to create some banners, an intro, and a closer. I would like maybe a 10-15 seconds intro, a 5-10 second closer, and all the banners and stuff that goes on a youtube channel. The name of my channel will be onyr. I would like the banners and such to use that name and also have them say CS:GO because that is the game my channel will be based around.
    Simply pm me the link to a file hosting website such as dropbox to give me the stuff.
    I am willing to negotiate on payment but I will start at a base price of 50k for the artwork and 100k per for the intro and closer.
    If you need to talk more about what I am looking for simply pm me and we can talk. I am sorry I am so vague lol.