[Need a Worker] SMP2

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  1. I need someone to help me trade these 80 + dc of paper I have to a villager. I don't have any rupees right now but I have some rares to trade. I would trade the cactus leggings and feather falllling boots for your help. Start a convo with me if you are intrested!
  2. So much would we get (worth in rares) for each DC?
  3. Im doing the work too. Im giving cactus pants and feather fallling boots to help me completely
  4. Thats about 300r per dc that you help me with even more because I am helping
  5. I might come over and help :)
  6. Please private convo me and it will be first come first serve.
  7. Heads up, both of you can't be trading the same villager at the same time or it will take back the trade more often.