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  1. I run a medium sized shop on SMP6, as well as the bookstore, and I have decided to expand, organize, and renovate my shop. I'm tearing down the main building right now, but I'm unsure of what to build. So you tell me what I should build for my shop! Please don't do anything too expensive or complex, and anything floating would be pretty cool. So give me your ideas!
  2. I think you should sell ores it's maney players who wants it:)
  3. No, the design of the shop. What it should like.
  4. Ok soory
  5. Also, the whoever gives the best idea will be honored as a donator, despite not having of donated.
  6. A giant toaster? that would be awesome....
  7. you could build it out of silver wool at first, but then when you get filthy rich, make it iron blocks :eek:
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  8. FoodLand. And include a giant Sparer Toaster.
  9. I'll think about it, also, do you know someone who could supply me with that much wool?
  10. I think krysyy has a giant sheep land at 4002.
  11. that i do and i can set up one just for silver wool if needed
  12. I like Gold Blocks+ Lapis Blocks + Stone Bricks. I'm using them right now on my be stocked (It's kind-of expensive... 90r the gold block and 45r the lapis one)
  13. Still not concrete about the toaster, any more ideas?
  14. awww...well maybe a store of endstone...idk the toaster was my good idea, im not allotted another until after 24 hrs :p
  15. A fluffy cloud shop in the sky. One cloud = Ore. Another cloud = Wool and stuff.
  16. An Ender Shop?
  17. I've decided to do the Toaster.
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  18. Do an inverse mountain and put the shop inside and a balcony at the top.