Need a new texture pack... (not HD)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Liasen, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Hi, I am gettin kind of bored with the default texture pack so I wonder if any of you know a good none HD texture pack:)
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  2. Yeah i have the same problem I'm coming here again to see what other people have put :)
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  3. Yeah, my computer is to weak for HD texture packs lol
  4. Lord Trilobite's Norsecraft
    Glimmar's Steampunk - There is a none HD version.
    Dark Iron Fantasy
  5. Summerfields.
  6. Maxpac, it's a funny little cartoony pack
  7. I just need a texture pack what isn't L.B photo realism 256x256 (It gets boring after a while)
    and not the Default texture pack what would be cool is a 32x32 Default so its more clearer like sharper :)
  8. I use Coterie Craft. Its not HD, and keeps the same feel as MC but smoother.

    It's goal is to "become the new default texture pack"
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  9. Its actually really good I'm going to use this for When filming basic wool art for YouTube (I will up-load faster :D
  10. go and try painterly's texture pack... its non HD and fully customizable!!!! this means that u can chose the texture of every single block!! XD

    heres the official side:

    pictures of the pack (part of my singleplayer world):
    2012-02-18_21.00.28.png 2012-02-18_21.04.59.png
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  11. Try Xaiwaker. It's a Zelda Wind Waker theme but it looks amazing and simple, even if you are not a fan.
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  13. Thanks everyone:)
    Pretty hard to choose one of these wonderful texture packs tough....:)
  14. Why can't you use an HD pack
  15. My computer is pretty.... not so good:(
  16. Hi, I have choosen painterlypack, and I wonder what MCPATCHER is?
  17. Can anyone tell me soon please?
    I am setting up the painterly pack right now....
  18. McPatcher is tools for patching minecraft to support HD texture pack.
    It's auto-detect minecraft.jar and the version and let you choose few option. like better grass.
  19. Aha...
    Ok... Thank you:(