Need a new skin

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  1. Hello everyone I am wanting to buy a professional handmade skin for myself. I wont post what my current skin looks like because I'm looking for something new
    my guidelines:
    I would like you to be very creative i am ThyLizardKing and i would like my skin to reflect that something that crosses a king and a lizard!(Be Creative)

    This ends when I choose which skin to use, please say that you are working on my skin so I don't have to bump this alot

    I will pay 1,000 r for the skin if i see that you put hard work and it reflects what i would want i will pay more i have around 30,000 r so i want your very best!

    Thank you
    -LizardKing Out
  2. Oh, I've created many skins at (Just look up my name there!) BUT I don't have the skin you have requested. But I'll try to make one!! (Don't blame me if it just looks like a zombie with a crown. My best skin is probably the one I've been using as my profile picture.)

    P.S: Don't pay me. My account's been hacked, and I can't access my e-mail, so I can't access my Minecraft account. So sad. :(:(:(:(:(
  3. Thank you and i am still accepting skins
    -LizardKing Out
  4. And Ryuga just screenshot it and post the file :)
  5. Any particular kind of lizard you'd prefer...? Traditional green is all well and good, but they come in so many colors, I figure it's best to ask.
  6. sorry account logged out yes traditional green