Need a Friend on smp1

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by xxkidcudixx, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. hey guys i am all alone on smp1 and need friends. if you lready have a home on another server i have a guest house i just need help
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  2. I live on smp1.
  3. I live on smp5, it's like smp1 but its 4 numbers higher.
  4. i live on smp1.. if you have skype... we can be friends ;D
  5. I just moved to smp1 from smp9 :)
  6. i wonder why ;)
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  7. Why?
  8. im actually moving to smp2 to see if its any diffrent than smp9 it seems to be boring except for herebrin3 :p
  9. Really? I never see you around. Or maybe I do, and I dont talk to you...
  10. Hey im on SMP1 and its where all the EMC greats hang out...
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  11. Couldn't agree more.
  12. I'm on smp4 if u ever need anything and welcome! :D