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  1. Recently I was struck by an idea to build a hybrid casino/hotel on a lot on SMP1. Unfortunately I have run into several problems with this.
    I do not have an available residence, I have money but not enough, and I do not have the time to build it on my own. So here is my proposition.
    I am looking for one or more people who would be willing to go into a joint business venture. For this just make sure you meet requirements listed below:
    Have at least 15k that you are willing to put into the project.
    Have time to build on a consistent basis.
    If you meet these requirements post below and if you meet other requirements I will PM you.
    As always ask any questions you need to below :)
  2. I would love to help! But I don't have the rupees, residence, or the time to build on a consistent basis.
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  3. You could probably be outsourced as a worker at a later date...
  4. I could possibly help if you need it.
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  5. I'll let you know :)
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  6. Bumppppppp!!
  7. UPDATE: I now have a spare residence provided by my good friend RReaper501. So now all we need is people to help build the Tower and Casino!
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  8. Yet another bumppppppp!
  9. Anyone interested?
  10. I might be able to help but I can't say I can commit
  11. Let me know if that changes. :)
  12. good thing this is not on smp2, as there are soo many hotels on that server
  13. We have hotels?
    I live there and dont see any hotels :p
  14. ignoramoose and krysyyjane, windylava, just to name a few...
  15. Windy has a hotel?
  16. Can I do it?
  17. If you meet the stuff most certainly, because I have dealt with you before.
  18. Yeah, that war didn't end up happening :U
  19. I know, but I may try again next year.