Need A 2x2 Square Of Res

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  1. Any specific server?
  2. I'm looking right now! Recommended server?
  3. Any server will do.
    I put it in the comments of it, but I didn't screenshot that lol
  4. And to point out, I need res's that are open or derelict to be foreclaimed.
  5. Step 1. Go to Utopia.
    Step 2. Type /v +open.
    Step 3. /claim your 120x120 res.
    Step 4. Send blood 10k for his amazing help.
    Step 5. ???
    Step 6. Profit.
  6. When you said you needed a 2x2 res, I thought you meant you wanted a property with 4 blocks of building space.
  7. Same, LOL. :p This makes much more sense. I'm on the hunt!
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  8. Ah yes, the the 2x2 res, the rarest and most useless of them all.
  9. I would've done this but oh well. forget you XD
  10. I feel like there should be a random 2x2 residence hidden somewhere in Town. :p
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  11. I'd buy diamond just to claim that XD
  12. Quick someone start a petition to replace all the fountains in town with 2x2 residences!

    I looked around for a while Rainbow and couldn't find anything :(
    Good luck though!
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  13. Well.. I have a 2x2 square on SMP2.. With bacon paths?
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  14. I just viewed your bacon paths and absolutely DIED laughing XD

    Now my stomach hurts :(
  15. check smp6 they are errywhere