Need 2D Pixel Horse for Horse Mall

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  1. Hey, i've recently moved and greatly expanded my horse mall. I left the front blank for a pixel art horse, then went off trying to find an artist... I had no luck server-hopping, and trying to do it myself has resulted in frustration, so I figured I'd try the forums. Any 2D pixel artists out there who'd be willing to give me a price quote? I'd like a rearing Minecraft Horse, like this:

    The workspace is 40m tall and 55m wide. I also will provide all materials: Black, Gray, Light Gray, and White Wool. (some pink for the mouth if needed)
  2. Friendly bump. I know we have some great artists! Please contact Art so he can get his store looking top notch.
  3. I'm a pretty good pixel artist. I'd be happy to make one for you for free.
  4. Wtf is pixel art?
    Map art? No idea.
  5. Please refrain from using that acronym as it is the same thing as saying the whole thing =)
  6. Abbreviating swears is still against the rules.

    Pixel art is working with pixels, or making 2D art with it.
  7. lul
  8. Like those residences where if you look at it from 2d live map it shows a message?
  9. Yup
  10. I guess you can say it that way.
    I didn't see your post.
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  11. That would be wonderful! Wow! Thanks so much! I'll hunt you down :D

    EDIT - Whoops looks like i missed you by 6 hours XD I'm at 3275 on smp2; whenever you'd like to stop by; I gave you build and container on 3276, where the mall is. The wool is there, just let me know if you need more!
  12. Sorry, I got distracted by playing Sonic Generations. I'll log on now.