NBA Classic: Thunder vs Lakers -- 4/22/12

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  1. Hmmm how about those Spurs lol
  2. Go Heat
  3. Hmm Spurs vs Heat
    This going to be a pretty good
  4. I'm saying Spurs & Heat in the Finals. Heat clobbered NY to open their matchup. Spurs are deep and will be tough to beat. OKC will be tough too though.
    Also, poor Derrick Rose, torn ACL, out for the remainder of the year (and maybe the early part of next?) There goes the Bulls hopes

    But really, all I wanted to say is GO NUGGETS. Leave them Laker fans crying :D

  5. Honestly? Thunder are the best team in the NBA. Russell Westbrook has his streaks, but he's such an incredible athlete that if he just took better shots, he'd be one of if not the best PG in the league. Kevin Durant is still one of the best shooters; Serge can block shots like nobody's business, and James Harden is in line for 6-man of the year. What more could you ask for?
  6. mahaha yea nuggets killed lakers. anyways yea Spurs vs Heat should be a good game, its a most watch game this season
  7. Definitely. I had the Bulls going farther until Derrick Rose tore his ACL... now I'm pissed.
  8. haha i know right, i had a playoffs all figured out and how rest of the season was going to be but that happen
  9. I'm glad Denver got matched up against LA. They might not win the series but it should be at least a little closer than if they had matched up against the Thunder. OKC is good, they're very good but they're largely young and have to prove they can get it done. This might be the year they get over the hump but San Antonio is experienced and very good too.
    Durant is the man, and being that I was born in Oklahoma, they're my 2nd team to root for after the Nuggets. Honestly though, I'd take anyone winning it all over the HEAT. I'd even accept a Lakers title win if it meant Lebron didn't get a ring. :D
    Kobe is the best player since Jordan, he has the rings to prove it. I don't like the guy but I do respect him. And if he & Shaq could've fixed their relationship, he'd be working on ring 8 or 9 :eek:
  10. Well said. I would NEVER want LeBron to win a finals series. And imo, the Thunder proved that they could get it done when they were the best in the west.
  11. (West) -- Potential Champion's

    The Mavericks lost some important pieces in their team that made them a very cohesive team that won the Championship last year. This year they are still good but don't seem to have that same fire as last year.

    If the Lakers pound it inside, then I can see them making it to the finals again. The bench will have to step up and Kobe will have to adapt to the double teams and make smart choices down the stretch.

    The Spurs are really good though they are a 3-point shooting team and shooting a barrage of 3's won't last in a series. The opposing defense will make adjustments therefore if the Spurs want to win a Championship, then they are going to have to drive the lane and pound the inside more.

    The Thunder are a scary bunch! They are young, talented and hungry. They could make it to the finals if they decide to play as a team down the stretch, where it doesn't turn into a West Brook show like last year.

    The team that everyone in the West should be scared of though is the Memphis Grizzles. They too are quick, talented and hungry for a championship. They are one dynamic team.

    (East) -- Potential Champion's

    Well I did have the Bulls going to the finals but Rose had to go get himself hurt....:rolleyes: They can still make a good run but I don't see them winning the championship.

    The Celtics are old but resilient. If they are at full strength they could make it to the finals but will probably far short against the Heat.

    The Heat are one tough team. They have two supreme players that can win a game by themselves but that is also the very thing that can have the Heat far short again. If they want to win then their bench has to step up and their big men has to play outstanding b/c once their transition is shut down, the Heat are terrible in the half-court play.

    Finals - Not sure this year who comes out on top in the West, as for the East I definitely see the Heat making it to the finals again. The question is; if you ask Lebron to give you change for a dollar will he give you back 3 quarters or 4...
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  12. He would give you 3, and if you asked him, he wouldn't know WHAT happened to the fourth quarter. By the way, you forgot someone... I added them :)