Natural mob spawning. Why it doesn't happen

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  1. Hi people,
    I believe I have worked out why mobs have nearly stopped spawning naturally.
    By naturally I mean not from mob spawners.

    As a heavy user of grinders, I have noticed in the last month that when you log out and a chunk 'unloads'. One of following two things are happening:

    The chunk is not unloaded and the mobs do not 'despawn'
    The chunk is unloaded and the mobs do not 'despawn'

    Either way this is leading to excess mobs on each server that go way over the mob cap.

    If you want to see natural mobs again then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use your grinders to 200-300 mobs AT THE MOST. It takes just one person to leave their pc on to stop these spawns.

    Also to admins n mods, maybe this could be fixed so that the mobs do 'despawn'. As far as I am aware this only happens on EMC
  2. 1. We already know that
    2. If this was the case , then we would have this problem fromt he start and we only have it for like two weeks now.
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  3. Yes
  4. Well, I dont know anything but it might be related to Justin testing his grinding limiting. And not everyone does know this as there no natural mob spawns
  5. I'm sorry. Correction: Everyone that at least once a week checks out forum knows this.
  6. Well its obviously a big problem
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