Natural Grinder on SMP7

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  1. When I first joined the Empire I wanted to do something, anything; unfortunately it was soon obvious my architectonic skills were not up to par, as I have little vision for form and only a rudimentary knowledge of aesthetics.

    But as an engineer I do know how to make apparatuses, and luckily Minecraft has the tools needed to make them, so I decided to construct a natural spawn mob grinder, the best I could at that moment in time, and since I failed to find any already build close to spawn, I decided to do it as close to spawn as possible, so anyone could use it; so I decided to build it in the little sea just south of the main spawn on smp7.

    I had read about griffers, thieves and other undesirables, so I decided to use only easily replaceable blocks, wishfully thinking I could fix any damage without too much problem. Since the new increase of height limit had just occurred, I planned to use a very efficient grinder model on single player, and so this was born (along with a huge cavern near by, where I got all the cobble):


    In it's moment it represented the state-of-the-art in cheap natural grinders for single player, concentrating all mob spawning space above the payer in 8 spawning floors, the mobs would suffer enough fall damage so a single unarmed punch would kill them and mobs would only need to walk a maximum of 2.5 blocks before falling to water canals.

    Unfortunately soon after finishing the third spawn floor, some glitches became evident (the light in the dark room glitch, and stationary mobs); I hoped this glitches would be taken care of, but in the mean time I abandoned the project to peruse other interests.

    I returned a few days ago and discovered I had aged better than my creation. At first sight everything looks good, far less griffed than I feared, and upon closer inspection I see that the damage can be attributed mainly to curiosity more than to evilness.

    The real problem is that now I know this is not the best natural grinder that can be constructed on multiplayer, I know it will never achieve the incredible rates it did on single player, and worst of all, I think I have a better design in mind; and that mean I have no further interest in fixing and completing this one.

    But I don't like littering, and leaving this half completed, 70000 cobblestone block structure seems like a lot of littering; so I'm opening this thread to see if anyone is interested in fixing and completing this grinder. I have detailed plans of every layer which I can post here.

    Also I must admit I like how the structure looks from a distance (even if here the form responds to the function), so I would like to know I you think if what is constructed as of now has any ascetic value.

    If it turns out that no one wants to fix the grinder and it's considered an abomination to the eyes of the beholder, I will demolish it to restore that spot to it's natural state.


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  2. I would deffinatly help, but it is proberly best not as all my attempts at making a grinder has failed, I'll proberly just end up making it worse.
  3. I have to say it's very brave of you making a public grinder :p
    I might pop over and take a look but I dont have any experience with natural grinders so I wont be much help.
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  4. When the new bukkit is installed it will be better than this!
  5. I don't know if this thread was buried or if there really is so little interest for someone to take my grinder.

    Anyways, here is the blueprint for the grinder. I will wait a little longer if someone wants to fix it, after that I will start to dismantle it.

    First 14 images:

    Level183.png Level184.png Level185.png Level186.png Level187.png Level188.png Level189.png Level190.png Level191.png Level192.png Level193.png Level194.png Level195.png Level196.png
  6. Last 13 images:

    Level197-209.png Level210.png Level211.png Level212.png Level213.png Level214.png Level215.png Level216+5n.png Level217+5n.png Level218+5n.png Level219+5n.png Level220+5n.png Level251.png
  7. That is awesome :) I'll check it out when I get on :D
  8. be warned anything u work hard on thats easy for griefers to reach will be destroyed :( it looks awesome though
  9. Not so much, if he doesn't really care.

    Great work by the way. If I ever get the chance, I'll come check it out.
  10. Yea good luck on your project, smp7 doesn't really have a lot of griefers or we do but their kinda lazy lol I'm might drop with some members from LLO to check it out
  11. Nice blueprint!