nasty trap...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by slozon, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. not really funny and pretty and i would consider it greifing

    making a trap that disconnect people when they visit your zone

    yeah and here i am not being able to log in hope you are happy...
  2. Are you teleporting to their res, or "zone"?
  3. lol is it a portal trap? if so i found it funny and annoying....i had to restart my mc client 2 times
  4. i'm glad you find it funny cause i don't...

    can't really see how it's funny that i can't play the game when i want to

    anyways i have restarted my client about 5 times now to no effect
  5. It's not a trap, it's a teleporting glitch. The system merely teleported you under the blocks rather than above them. When you sign back in, try teleporting to the spawn with /spawn or to any other world. You may die when you return to a spawn, but that's normal. Just get your stuff back as soon as you respawn.
  6. that's just it i can't sign in every time i try the client freezes for about 3 minutes then says connection lost

    it's something they did on purpose someone said come check out (not sure on number i know it had 6*3 anywayys typed ./visit and next thing i know it says disconnected moving too fast not i can't log in
  7. Huh. Well I'm stumped. I still doubt the owners of said residences deliberately made their res dangerous like that.

    Try exiting MC, boot back up, then try signing back in.
  8. restarted my whole computer still nothing hangs on connecting for a minute then says connection lost end of stream
  9. back online now i guess i'll be careful who i visit from now on
  10. was it belchmaster by chance?
  11. I will take a look just to see if I see anything odd.
  12. i cant log into tmain server or arena server.....
  13. it just hangs on the loggin in scren till it either errors or took to long help me!!!!!!
  14. ( the game itself ) is having issues, you won't be able to connect to any online servers.
  15. Ahh dang that sucks