Names Not colored?

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  1. I have seen on my friends computer, and my other computer, that the names of the supporters are colored. When I play Minecraft on my computer that I usually play on, all the names are white and nothing in the chat is colored.
    Please help
  2. That's kinda odd. Even error messages or the letters for chat channels aren't colored?
  3. Yeah Nothing in the chat is colored
  4. Huh. I hate to have no advice about that, but...I have no advice about that at the moment. There's nothing I can find in the settings to change anything about the chat.
  5. Thanks for taking a look anyway... maybe i need to update java?
  6. This is generally caused if you are using an older computer with a graphics card that doesn't fully support openGL. Try upgrading your video card driver and software version, and see if that helps.
  7. Yeah this happens to me when I play on my friends computer. The shades of the words are the colors they should be but the word itself is white.
  8. Old computer-Get Mac.
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  9. Old computer - Get this >
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  10. this happens to me sometimes to.
  11. lol. There should be 10 like buttons. :D :D :D
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  12. my computer is brand new
  13. My laptop is several years old, but I haven't had a problem with the colored chat until around the time of the official Minecraft release, I haven't bothered with it until now, because I didn't use the chat as frequently, now I'm starting to use it more and it's rather annoying, is there a way to fix this without buying a new laptop?
  14. You can buy a new graphics card, other option it's getting an Intel processor with integrated graphics card (mine it's a pentium last gen and runs mc just smooth) maybe it's time for (at least) a processor update :)
    Also try to update graphics card driver, it could be another solution :)
  15. Well, pretend I'm a computer idiot, because I honestly don't know what my laptop has in it... all I know is it's a toshiba Satellite A505-S6960 and thats it... I would read the sticker that came on it, but it's worn down to a plain white sticker now...