Names for FDNY21

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Why does this poll exist?

Dont know 13 vote(s) 65.0%
Dont know 7 vote(s) 35.0%
  1. Well you read the title of the thread didnt you?

    Do your best to come up with a name for FDNY - it has to be amusing to a certain point :cool:
    (bonus points for guessing the real name :3)

    Have fun :)
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  2. Fabulous Doughnut Nibbles You 21 :p

    Edit: FIRST!
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  3. First dead noob yet 21
  4. Another one incoming: Federal Doodle Noodle Yoodle 21 XD
  5. fast doods need yolo 21
  6. Flab dance need yolo 21
  7. fire department new york 21
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  8. Ruined it.
    Fluffy Dinosaurs of New York 21
  9. FNDY21
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  10. Also ruined it.
    Freaking Dummeh Noodles Yah 21
  11. Future Donkeys Not Yellow 21? Lol
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  12. That. Annoys me. So much. The amount of times I have been called that. I cry.

    Fantastic Dinosaur Nommy Yoghurts 21 :D
  13. This one is from Chickeneer :)
  14. If I can say his whole name do I win? Mwahaha

    And uh
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  15. Farting Dalmatian in New York (I added the in)
  16. Fire department new york Twenty Uno

    (Even though he isn't aloud to be a fireman)
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  17. Flipping doughnuts not yodelers 21
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  18. Effin' DNY (21)
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  19. F = Fried Cookies ain't got nothin' on me!
    D = Da Super Boss Man #swagyolo
    N = Nobody cares about the letter N.
    Y = Y u no make me your king?
    2 = 2 + 2 = 5, because he said so.
    1 = 1 million rupees worth of swag!
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