Nameless wild town! SMP-7

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  1. Well this is just basicly a brand new wild town. I started it on a clasic survival island. We have all the basic necessities of surviving (Tree farm and food), and I hope too make our little island thrive!

    If you want too join just fill out this

    Are you any good at redstone?
    Are you any good at grinders?
    Are you a good builder?
    Are you active?
    Have you been/are a supporter?
    Have you ever been banned
    If so, why?
    Bring 64 oak logs and 64 birch logs please if possible xD
  2. It is not going to thrive too much. The biggest wild town in all of Empire Minecraft(LLO) is on smp7.
  3. Someones in a good mood,
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  4. Lol. btw I'll join :D
  5. Good Luck with your Wild Community have fun when building with fellow members :D
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  6. Well He is just Illustrating a point, A very Valid point. Most EMC members at a wild outpost reside at LLO I SMP7 so your traffic to the area would be minimal. Consider Making a wild outpost somewhere else. Otherwise enjoy your Island....
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  7. He's kinda screwed if he wants to start one on another server because I think there are outposts on all of them. The only two I personally know are 7 has LLO, 9 has Zolara and Pazzo. I don't know the names of the others on other servers or anything. But he could make it work possibly :)

    Good Luck Minikins!
  8. Private islands are fun too.