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  1. I need a name for my Resort project, and I am pretty bad at making up names.
    So if you're good at that sorta thing, pop one below and if I like it enough to give it that name you will be paid 2000 rupees by me!!
  2. That, Sir, is a very creative name!
  3. The fluffiest fluff invented in the fluffers universe!
  4. both of them are very nice!
    However, keep them coming!
  5. The resort of the Empire Caribien
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  6. I do believe that is y favorite so far!
  7. Some more information about it would be nice.
  8. Fluff Resort
  9. Care to elaborate?
  10. Is it going to be modern or rustic? In town or in the wild? How big is it going to be? What is/are your inspiration(s)?
  11. Rustic. Town (Utopia). Several different townhouse type things. I really don't have one.
  12. Well, if it wasn't rustic I would say the Voltz Resort. But a nice, rustic name could be like "The Jolly Boar", or perhaps "Wolf Resorts".
  13. The Prancing Pony Inn, Ye Olde Resort, or Canterbury Resort.
  14. Word.
    EDIT: The Green Dragon Inn.
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  15. Resort of the Dead
  16. What a bucket of Sunshine you are.
  17. Look, there are so many people that want to stay that your bodyguards have to KILL some of them! :D
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  18. I just got that game on Friday!!!!!!!!!