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  1. Today in science class i got probably the most weird project i've ever seen. I had to cut out some weird looking monster thing's and give them a scientific name so i can put them on a taxonomic key. The time i go to school is 7:00 but if i could get them in by 6:45 that would be great. There are a couple rules to making a scientific name however:

    1.Must have a first and a last name.
    2.Each first and last name must be 2 characteristic's that the monster has on it.

    How to post:

    Letter that is by the name:-To identify which monster
    Characteristic's that make the name:
    The 10 monsters to name:

    Now you realize why this project was wierd?
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  2. So... you are asking us to do your homework for you?
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  3. dafuq did i just look at?
  4. Technically
  5. so... how about you do your own homework.
  6. To lazy. Plus i wanted to see what the Emc community could come up with.
    Not even I would ask people to do my homework.
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  8. -G
    It's tail and body Mae it look like a fish from the sea, and the long face with buck teeth look like a mule.
  9. Xxandster700xX - Can you not use the word retarded the way which you used it. It is a term reserved for people with mental disabilities. Most people would be offended if they new someone or were someone who is actually "retarded" and using it to mean someone thing you don't like is not appropriate.
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  10. Ok i actually forgot that it meant that i willl change them.
    Thank you for actually replying and not commenting on how this was homework. Also can you please make a last name for it. You only have to do exactly what you did for the first name jsut for the last.
  11. Yes, yes indeed. I have a cousin who literally is mentally disabled, so whenever we go out to eat and she hears that word, the expression on her face is unbearable.
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  12. I agree. The people that I know who I have 100% KNOWN is 100% legit "retarded" is:
    1. Lennie in "Of Mice and Men"
  13. George we gonna have a farm.... and I'm gonna tend the rabbits.
  14. I would suggest writing down characteristics for each monster, then decide on maybe 2-4 first names based on the more common characteristics. The last names should reflect the less common ones (it might be the other way around, but that's my best guess). If you can't come up with names, just look up the latin word for the characteristic and add "us" or something to the end.
  15. The point of this thread was to see what names the emc community could come up wit
  16. I am leaning towards that the point of this thread was so you could get others to do your homework. No matter how you try to say it, that is what I will think.
  17. Glad to be of service.
  18. "Hey guys, I wanna see how good you are at math, answer these questions
    Okay, I'm just going to put that on my homework now"
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