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  1. Is anyone interested in me making you a logo please make it only text and possibly a small picture in the background. I want to practice my computer art. Please help me by ordering one? :3 I will do it for free but tips are appreciated. Let me know guys. :)
  2. im not sure what a logo exactly is can u show me an example?
  3. Look at the top left that is a logo here is a link to an example of logo's I did not make any of them though :(

    This is thought kind of what I want to make things like this for you.

    Let me know if you have a small organization or something I can help with by making a logo.
  4. So are you interested?
  5. umm sure do i have to pay?
  6. Depending upon how hard it is, and if it is it will be under 500 for sure,
    tips ARE VERY MUCH appreciated.
  7. umm can i see what u have to offer?
  8. I haven't finished any of mine yet but almost done with a header for my friend who streams on

    Also please type with grammar, I am dreading reading all of your new posts.
  9. srry im not good at typing
  10. i need a swordfish logo. swordfish must be blue with preferrably a white background
  11. Any text on it?
    Can I see a reference picture of the sword fish that you want me to recolor,
    text, shading, and sharpness/contrast to.
  12. Can you make me logo for Hydro Inc? I would like it like really cool, but professional, but somewhere in the middle, have it say Hydro Inc. I prefer that it's somewhat water related.
  13. No text, Just make a Swordfish from scratch
  14. Message me the order please with all details, we can talk more in the message.
    Also please message me with the order. We can talk more in the message.
  15. Can you make one for Squid Mining Company? I'd prefer a diamond ore or something in the background with SMC with thick letters in front:)
  16. PM me if you want to order something.
  17. A banner that says TomatoBisc-uit Shop NEXT LINE SMP8 Res 16006. NEXT LINE For all your EMC needs!
    Background Color: White or Light Blue/Teal
    Can you put pictures of cartoon Tomatoes and Biscuits spread around it.
  18. Can you PM me your order? :p