Name Change!!! Good news and useful tool

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Will you change your name?

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    If you get an error "couldn't check if it is available" just keep going.

    Good luck all!

    So, in the last update post from Aikar we confirmed that we can already change our names, but:
    After the updates, after they finish all they need to do, the new name will be shown normally.

    Anyway, now a good, useful tool for you people who are planning to change your names.

    In this page you can check if the name you want is available or not. If it says "premium", someone already got it. If it isn't, it can be 2 things:

    1. The name was taken when you didn't need a paid account to pick an nickname, that happened a few years ago. If so, all those names in the same situation will be available for us to use. Amen.

    2. The name isn't being used by anyone.

    Either way, you win. But you'll need to change it fast, before anyone else pick it before you.
    Name change will be available in February 4, but be aware that Mojang servers are in an different location, so check first. When there is Feb 4, where i am living will be Feb 3 night.

    Good luck!


    In other words: they meant work-time. It is between 8 AM and 5, 6PM in Sweden.
    Below is an online clock that shows the time in Sweden.

    By the time I made this edit, it will be at least more 7 hours of waiting.