Name&Banner Contest - 10k + Your Banner Used Everywhere!

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  1. I have just launched a new market portal which allows you to quickly and easily search shops for items you want to buy or sell.

    You can already see quite a few listings on most of the more common items, but for the most part the database is relatively empty! This is due to the fact that most people don't know about the website at all yet because it's only been up and functional for a few days.

    I decided one of the best promotion strategies would be through forum signatures. Unfortunately, I suck at making good signatures.

    The site is here if you want to check it out for ideas:

    As the site is unnamed, you can put any name you think is good or clever on the banner and it will become adopted if your banner wins. If you can't think of a good name, just use EMC Market.

    Here's what I am trying to promote in the banner:
    • Quickly find your item for the best price.
    • Get more customers into your shop with a listing.
    • Find places to sell your items.
    • Find suppliers to bring items to your residence.
    The banner size needed are:
    790x120 - Forum Signature
    230x64 - Front Of Site (For Later)

    I know that 10k is not a lot, but the site is operated for free and I don't have any revenue model at the moment, so that's all I can contribute. If you like the site and want to contribute to the prize pool that would be awesome! I will add your prize to the total.

    To enter, post a response with both completed banners! People can vote on the entries with their likes (using the 'Like' link on the post).

    I will let the contest run until October 10th. I will then leave 5 days for any last-minute votes to occur. So on October 15th, the post with the most likes will be the winner.
  2. I just saw this on your sig! Great tool!
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  3. Congratulations!

    I think this is a great idea because I was going to implement a similar App myself :)
    (With a bit different touch, perhaps a bit more from the aspect of a shop owner :))

    Do you have a "main thread" for comments / bug reports / suggestions?

    - please check how / if this items work: clay, hard clay, red sand, gold ore
    (I could find gold ore by searching for ore, but not when searching for gold)

    - would you care to implement an (XMLRPC or simple HTTP/POST) API to add listings automatically?
    I'd be glad to contribute. (/me is pro sw developer)

    - I'd also be glad to contribute with ideas and design improvements and help to spread the word.

    - I like very much how you've decided to start with a completely open approach where everyone can edit everything. I guess it will only need minor restrictions in the future - if any.

    - I'd suggest and contribute an addition for shop owners. I guess this would even more encourage shop owners to share the data.

    I'm very happy to see your App online! :)

    PS: I've already implemented a rupee log API with a very good solution for the page shifting problem and also a simple web interface. I stopped there because of the password protection problem, so it is currently in use only for few accounts.
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  4. I thought I should bump this since there's only 5 days left to get entries in and it's almost to the bottom of the page! If anyone else likes the tool and wants to donate rupees to the prize pool that would also be much appreciated!
  5. Entering a design, just need to finish some things!
  6. This is an awesome tool. :) Thanks for making it! :D
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  7. Two days left for votes :p xDD
  8. Are you still accepting votes?
  9. AlexChance has already been selected as the winner, however I'm sure either applicant would not mind having extra likes on their posts.
  10. Looked at the emc market...

    ...And realized just how easy arbitrage just became.

    Great tool BTW!
  11. Thanks! Hope you will share some of your arbitrage profits with the creator of such a great and free tool xDD.
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