N.O.V.A 3

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  1. So i was playing this game on my iPhone when
    I took this snapshot. Btw my gamesloft live thing is Galatix
    What do u think he is thinking right now?

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  3. What
  4. You asked. I answered.
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  5. image.jpg

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  6. This game is very good.
  7. Ikr have u beat it?
  8. My phone's OS is stuck at a very early version of it and it doesn't let me update... therefore I can't play games like this :(
  9. Not yet but soon i hope :0
  10. I'm on Ice and Fire
  11. Finished the game and level 72 on multiplayer :p I preferred nova 2 tho.
  12. Nice Scar. Have any tips about future hard levels?
  13. Run in circles around hard enemies while using a flamethrower on em :)
  14. Lol sounds good...
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  15. I need help with something on Ice and Fire scrar. Plus I have a ton of funny and good pics to upload
  16. Is that the one in the ship?
  17. It's like after u go in a minecraft an stuff. U go in a cave where u can't see anything but a tiny light and u have to find a facility I think...?
  18. Can't remember that one, sorry :(
  19. Beat Meltdown and stuff. It took forever. :p Btw if your play it. What is your faveorite gun? Mine Is The Flame Thrower. :D