Mystul's Sheep Farms

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  1. Will Edit SMP list as interest is given.

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    SMP 9 -

    Those that have been around a while know me as the Sheep/Wool Farm person. I've been doing it since I started long ago. I've no idea why - just the way it is. I would like to try and build a good sheep farm on every SMP.

    To do this I need the community's help. My idea is to enlist a few people on each SMP to allow me to place a farm color or 2 on their res. This would require you to allow 'shear' and have 40 or 80 ENTC available on your res. An additional requirement would be to have an available residence location available. This would be a sheer only farm - so sales chests would be needed.

    The area required would be 20x20x10 - this ideally would be located underground and away from area of your res where bleating would be heard.

    I would require build and 'sign' permission during BUILD only - this could be supervised, etc etc. My permission can be removed as soon as the 'sheep slice' is complete.

    I, of course, would provide all materials needed for the section. Once established, the farm should work on its own without any intervention on either yours or my part.

    I will be creating a 'sample' build soon on one of my reses to better show what will be needed for each color.

    I am soliciting the community to gauge the interest in this project. There are still details to work out - what I'm asking is whom is able and willing to allow (and keep) 40 or 80 sheep tucked away on their res.

    I am in no way trying to hurt any wool farms or sheep farms currently in existence - I am simply trying to allow for additional use of 'free' wool.

  2. You can add /v +woolmart on smp5. My 3rd res has some sheep that people can sheer too i think its 9133 on smp4.
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  3. SMP9 already has wool farms. 1600 sheeps (16 plots x 100 sheeps). Visit 19007 (use portals at wool level ;)
    Not publicly known (until now ;) i think) (orange wool farm temporary down).
    Plus BTHarrold got some public wool farms at this server also.

    Unfortunatelly practice shows you better do them yourself or with max 2 other persons, random people tend to give it up after some time.

    But +1 for idea, even with my farm you don't shave much wool (few stacks each color) . So we need more farms i think :)
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