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  1. Ok, so all of these talks about dragon eggs got me thinking...

    I really love EMC for giving me people to share my ice cream with...

    I really hate EMC for taking my vanilla away...

    Now kiddies aside, we are a great group of people here. But, more and more taking away my sandbox game and 'forcing' things on me...

    I have never been one to hold back on an argument - but I'm never mean about it - just direct. I usually answer questions - tend to help out way too much and support the community with reses like 911 and 1920 (not 100% community until server stuff is accomplished).

    I have applied and asked to be a mod to be told I would serve better as a community member… fair enough, but it takes away from me having a ‘role’. I’m not a child and most likely older than 95% of everyone on EMC – what does that make me – nothing except older.

    I’ve debated with myself over the last couple weeks about leaving EMC – but I know I won’t find any place better… I might be given more responsibilities somewhere else – but it wouldn’t be the same. Does writing this put a kibosh on me ever being a mod – maybe – but as I wrote earlier – I do not hold back. If given an actual ‘function’ though – it would be followed as directed…
    I.E. kicks bans done professionally with slightly less smart-ass. Friends I’ve made to people I don’t know would get the same treatment.

    I’ve had conversations with quite a few people about this – none of which I can share because of their status (another point of discord).

    So, to get back to my vanilla roots, I am embarking on a single player mission to defeat the Ender Dragon. No cheats, no mods, simple get in, arrow to the head, read credits…

    Oh and I’ll be doing this on Hardcore – why – just because that’s how I roll.

    Feel free to comment about any of the above – yeah or nay – invite me to be a mod or tell me to go to nether, ask me what discord or musing or other words mean, etc…

  2. Insert one does not simply defeat the enderdragon on hardcore.
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  3. Challenge accepted! Pics of progress to follow.
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  4. Sweet! I have faith in your ability to kick the EnderDragon's ass! WooT! Mystul Mystul Mystul
  5. I noticed that I had minimap on... I had said vanilla so this almost feels like an invalid attempt - yeah I'll go with that.

    Attempt 1 - Enderman 1 - Mystul 0

    My new blanket
    Yeah Cows
    Hidey Hole
    Run Away
    I need these!
    It's like the cow knew.
    OMG! Pssssssss - SPACE BAR SPACE BAR Whew
    Um - crap - I dont think I'm ready for thi...
    Yep. Not ready.
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  6. Attempt 1* - Ender Dragon vs. Mystul

    It was almost as if the game 'knew' I was ready for this.... the following is what I saw upon entering for the first time. Thank you jebus...

    2012-08-26_22.41.32.png 2012-08-26_22.41.53.png 2012-08-26_22.42.43.png

    I mean really - hey new game - BAM - well and town and temple.

    Of course I went into the temple and got the loot - and 3 wool for my blanket. Again, wow.

    2012-08-26_22.43.42.png 2012-08-26_22.45.22.png

    I am taking over this house... all 3 of you leave!


    Why go and find a cavern/cave - I'll just make one.


    I see me my enchantment table!


    Some Iron Armor w/L1 enchants... Time to go up against one of those tall twitchy dudes.

    2012-08-27_00.17.09.png 2012-08-27_00.26.35.png

    Um - I did NOT invite you - mommy!


    SIDENOTE - I'm fairly certain this is the first jockey I've actually killed.


    The following is where I ended up about 5 secs after peaking at the Enderman... I stayed around the place smacking spiders until morning... walking out found 2 huggable creepers waiting - 1 made me giggle - the other turned into a wonderful disk.

    2012-08-27_00.27.51.png 2012-08-27_00.31.20.png 2012-08-27_00.31.41.png

    I've also gathered about 2 stacks of snow blocks worth of snow...
    Still need about 10 times more and to find some pumpkins to start harvesting them...
    I plan on having at least 300 Snow Golems with me when I enter the End.

    I don't think the hard part will be in the End but getting to the End...

    My first encounter with a single Enderman resulted in a fat nada.
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  7. Good work!
  8. Mystul 0 - GRAVITY 1 - AAAARGH!!!!

    So dodging the blazes that I found - such a good thing going... and well I forget to look down....
    I missed the pict. my splat - but it was a sad time... I will say however... that I DID manage to fall onto the ground and not the lava.... I tried until the end... I'm usually very 'agile' in the nether...

    The pictures say it all.... /me cry.

    2012-08-27_07.45.28.png 2012-08-27_09.28.22.png 2012-08-27_09.32.23.png 2012-08-27_09.52.12.png 2012-08-27_09.53.41.png 2012-08-27_09.55.40.png 2012-08-27_10.27.14.png 2012-08-27_10.31.53.png 2012-08-27_10.33.55.png 2012-08-27_10.34.49.png 2012-08-27_10.35.21.png 2012-08-27_10.40.38.png 2012-08-27_10.42.08.png 2012-08-27_10.46.34.png 2012-08-27_10.47.01.png 2012-08-27_10.48.27.png 2012-08-27_10.49.51.png 2012-08-27_10.53.30.png

    i had a couple to large - I didnt bother to reduce... /me cries more...

    P.S. Any Diablo 3 players - I also play that on HC - nothing worse then losing a lvl 40+ to green poo on the ground.
  9. Might as well reMEMEber the good times.
  10. Too be honest I'm not really sure what you're getting at here ahaha.

    But you seem like a very wise, mature man. I'm sure that there are lots of great potential mods out there, it's just that the admins genuinely do believe that they bring more to the community without the great power they can unleash as a moderator, which in my opinion is understandable. There might be another reason regarding why you're not actually a moderator, but who knows? ;)

    I suppose what I'm saying is when someone says that "you'll be better as a community member" they do mean that you help EMC more when you're not a mod, which is very possible. :)

    Now, I can't exactly talk. I'm no staff member. So excuse me if I'm wrong.

    Also, I suggest you edit your OP - it gave me the impression that you're demanding to be a moderator now or you leave, which isn't really a quality I look for in my leaders. :p Then again, if that is what you really meant don't edit it. :)

    I wonder if any of this makes sense...I'm going to sleep. Good luck. :)
  11. Not really the intent - random thoughts - expressed in my typical I know what I'm talking about tone (read - Full of Crap)...

    I would like to say that at 16 I was given the Indian Name of Machelensin, which means to be high minded or to be proud. How so true... I'm not correct always - I just have an opinion or choose to debate always.

    As far as demanding, no... just ranting.
  12. Oh, goodies. :)