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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mystul, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Pretty sure this speaks for itself.

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  2. That is Quiet BOSS
  3. cool but I don't want a tattoo when I grow up :p
  4. I waited until I was 35 to get it....
  5. Pretty nice. I've been thinking about getting the Imperial Aquila myself.
  6. Yeah WH2K - looks very close....

    Just be sure its something you can live with...

    This one means a lot... and not just becasue of it's 'actual' meaning.
  7. Very nice, I somehow made it through 5 years in the Navy without getting a tat. Who is going to get the first EMC tattoo? (joking)
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  8. Joking... omg you opened yourself up...

    I went 10 years Air Force... didnt get the tat until I was out... although I was still 'in' contracting when I got it near Bragg.
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  9. I could live easily with the Aquila. I would get something from the Marine Corps, but my father, the Marine, would not like that since I wasn't a Marine. Most of the guys in my family went to the to Corps, I've got a bit of nerve damage in my back so I couldn't join up.
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  11. Yeah, safe bet with no USMC tat... can always get one honoring...
  12. What shop did you go to? I was stationed at Bragg from Aug '06 to Jul '10
  13. .... i will get the first EMC tattoo... in fact...

    *scampers off to make thread*
  14. Nice! I hate needleS too much to get a tat lol
  15. ... smooch ... while i dont mind tat'd ppl, i can tell you that not because you want to "proove" that you love EMC you should tat yourself with it... one day u might be tired of EMC (hope not) or grow up perhaps hating minecraft overall... but you'll have THAT tat that will remind you...

    Now, creating the said thread given the fact that we have underage players in here... will be detrimental to the rule enforcement... since think about it as "encouraging" young fellas to tat emselves to proove they love EMC,

    I hope not to see any "40-sumthing mom" complain about her "13-sumthing son" willing to get a tatoo made on his foreams/back/chest/etc after reading this post, lets see how we'll deal with it.

    we are supposed to keep forums (at least public ones) PG13... but we seem to fail at it overall
  16. Um, WTH? Here's an idea... Don't get a tat if you are underage... that is all.

    And the name was Smokin' Guns.
  17. I've come to realize that the tattoo that looks awesome at 20 looks less-so at 65.
  18. And you know this from?

    Do NOT get a tat unless you CAN live with it... I'd like to point out my tat is wife approved :)
    If you didn't know it came from a game....

    Here's a thought... since it's MY POST... take the game out of the equation... what does this 'look like' or respresent. THAT is why I got it... the game sure... but symbolism is important.
  19. I'd like to see this "40-sumthing mom" and her "13-sumthing son" having judgement and not complaining just cause they dont like the post... as "it might be an attack to family values"

    and it represents:

    Wisdom, Courage and Strenght

    Please... any 20 something dude/chick in here will know about Zelda, The Triforce and its meaning :p
  20. Idea #2. BE A FLIPPING PARENT!!!!!!!

    Again, back ON TOPIC (start a new post if you want).

    What does this tat symbolize?