mystery pvp

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DogsRNice, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. what is this "pvp project" that i am hearing about?
  2. I didn't hear anything, tell us more! We have to ban these people.
  3. Its a Project for... wait for it... A PVP SERVER!
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  4. Oh nvm. Don't ban
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  5. aikar is making a pvp server for the empire
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  6. oooo when?
  7. I wouldnt say "for the empire". Id just say, Aikar is working on a secret pvp project. Which isnt so secret anymore :p
  8. i like good plain running thru a forest and randomly getting swarmed by people and killing my self on prepace
  9. When it comes out.

  10. oh wow i did not know that tell us more :p
  11. It comes out in the future..
  12. i want the arenas back... outside of that a person vs person battle through thousands of blocks.. it would be full 24/7
  13. mods y u no reply?!?
  14. I've got a glimpse of it..... on Aikar's now-not-so-secret-but-has-always-been-known-server. (gasps for breath)
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  15. WHAT SERVER!!!!!!!
  16. Because everyone (mostly not you obiviously but you do now) knows about it and there's a tons of threads about it.
  17. Facepalm.jpg
    It's in Aikar's signature.