Mysterious Boat Deaths

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  1. This thread is about players riding in their boats and mysteriously dieing. Right now the staff have a lot going on with the servers so I creted this thread because I know that a lot of you are intelligent and together we can help and maybe solve this problem. The first we do is figure out our how long the players have benn traveling. Please those who have had this happen, tell us if you have benn traveling far. After we gather this information we can go to the next step.
  2. This has been seen as a problem by many players who may come across death by going AFK while in a boat in the middle of the ocean or by other means. However, it really isn't EMC's fault that Squids are capable of destroying your boat eventually causing you to drown, that lightning strikes you while AFK, etc.

    In the past, players have contacted Admins, who will sometimes comply with you and teleport you to your death location coordinates, so you can gather your belongings and continue from where you left off.

    The distance travelled really has no meaning whatsoever with their death on the boat, nor will it really be necessary in solving this problem that has no true solution. Nonetheless, these experiences really have no business being publicized via EMC Threads, but rather should be dealt with by means of Private Messaging with an Admin(s) or Senior Staff member.
  3. I really have started a big mystery haven't I? :s
  4. I know it's not EMC's fault I'm just doing this thread because the staff have other things to do and I thought it woul be nock to try and figure out what it is and present the problems to Aikar or IcecreamCow.
  5. It is ushually squids. However, a rare case is a marlix spawns and kills you. It happened to me once.
  6. So most of the time a squid destroys ur boat?
  7. if you hit a squid, you're boat goes poof.. :mad: stupid squids.
  8. The Mojang issue tracker indicates that the issue is resolved in 1.7:

    This is also referenced in the version history for 1.7:

    • Boats
      • No longer inflict fall damage when running aground - replace existing Boats to fix them
      • Slightly improved boats being broken by Lily Pads
      • Boats have been reverted to the previous WASD controls
        • Note that the A and D keys can be used only while the W key is pressed
      • Players can now "sprint" in boats, which speeds them up slightly
    "Replace existing Boats to fix them" suggests that once we have 1.7 you will want to ditch any Boats which were crafted prior to 1.7 and make new ones. This would include anything bought from a shop Chest. I'd like to hear from Aikar whether this affects the Boat shop Chests that are at some of our Outposts. I'm sure he can fix them if it does.

    The explanation in the Mojang link is that the distance you travel bobbing up and down in a boat counts as falling and accumulates. If the Boat gets broken you take the cumulative damage that's been stored up over your trip. Getting out of the Boat resets this value.

    So if this is in fact the cause of the problem and you are taking a long trip prior to the update, it would be safe to periodically stop and get out of the Boat to reset the fall distance you have accumulated. It would also be a good idea to watch where you are going and avoid running into anything.
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  9. Thank you pan for this useful information
  10. New nickname cool lol.
  11. The squids are fighting back!!! :mad:
  12. Maybe they are planning an attack on all the smp towns, maybe they have a huge squid army under the ocean?
  13. The kraken has risen and has claimed unworthy Sailors.
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