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  1. So, I own a website for my Let's Play group. The leader of the group asked me to add a wiki to the site, so I took on the challenge. At first, I went to the host's website and logged in as admin of the site. I browsed the things I can do, and one of the options was "Automatic Installer" or something, so I clicked on that. I scrolled down a ways to the "Wikis" section, where I found MediaWiki. I clicked, set the admin username, password, and the directory to install to, and it went on its way. A few minutes later, it said it finished, so I clicked on it. An error message came up, saying "Incorrect installation" followed by an error code I didn't bother to read. So, I went to this MediaWiki page, and I did it as it said. Different error, though. It failed to find a database, so I went to this link on the MediaWiki page. I currently have MySQL installed, but I have no idea what to do in it. This section tells me to do some commands, but they end up not working. Any ideas? :(
  2. Web of trust doesn't like the site :confused: anyway, you should get the error code, and try doing a search for that :(
  3. I tried, but when I searched it up, it was because I don't have a MySQL database file on the server. And I posted this because I don't know how to create/set up a MySQL database file because I have no idea how the commands work. :confused:

    Doesn't like which?,, or
  4. Did you create a new database separate to any other ones?
  5. I know how to create a database, but I have no idea what to do with them. This is what I did:
     create database wikidb;
    grant index, create, select, insert, update, delete, alter, lock tables on wikidb.* to 'wikiuser'@'' identified by 'password';
    When I entered "create database wikidb;", it returned with: "Query OK, 1 row affected (0.02 sec)"
    When I entered the "grant index, create" etc. command, that returned with: "Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.11 sec)". I have no idea how MySQL works or what to input. I've tried using "wikiuser" and also switching it with various usernames, and with "password", I tried with both "password" and other passwords. They all gave me the same thing: "0 rows affected". I'm no master coder or anything, but I think I know that it means nothing changed. :confused: I need Aikar in this. ; _ ;

    Hmm... I don't have anything that would be considered untrusting... Does it say exactly what's not trustable? :confused:
  6. It Says Phishing, it might me 3owl though
  7. Can you send me a screenshot of what it says? Or please tell me the program you're using so that I may see the message. Also, make sure if it's just or the whole domain by going to and see if the message occurs again. :)
  8. wotwarning.PNG
  9. If you look, it says "", not "". My guess is that allows for a quick registration and unlimited websites to be created. Although, on their FAQ, the second bullet in the first section says...
    Also, on, it says:
  10. yeah, I swapped over to 3owl instead :oops:
  11. If you are really not sure, I'd recommend used the GUI system of PHPMyAdmin, which you should have access too in your control panel. When you set up the wiki installation, make sure that you are filling in the correct access data. With your host, it should be; "u[a series of number]_[what ever you called the database]" for the database name, "u[a series of number]_[what ever you called the database username]" for the database username, and then your database password. All of this stuff, you setup before you install the wiki. It'll create the empty database. But when you do install the wiki, it should fill the database with the required data. It's all a bit confusing.
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  12. So you're saying to set up the database files with 3owl's Control Panel, but install MediaWiki manually? (Use FTP client and drag-n-drop the files into a "wiki" folder?)
  13. I'm a day late - but i believe hostinger has sql feature :)
  14. S'okay :)
    If that's another web hosting site, then please answer these questions:
    1. Does it offer unlimited site creations?
    2. Does it offer FTP access?
    3. Will it let me have free reign over my website (I don't need to get everything I do approved before I do it)?
  15. I'm using it for my website - allows me to straight up upload my own website ... or i can use their builder ... it has an ftp access area, yes ... and after 2 days, they should give you full access for free (if you use free account ...)

    hostinger through the usa, you have to pay like 5 dollars a month
    where as france, india, etc they offer it for free ... if i had to, i'd recommend india since they also speak english

    and i looked - they also have a mySql area
  16. Hmm... Seems interesting. Does the site go under a subdomain? (i.e.

    And where you host it only changes the connection speed/time, right? :p

    Good. I'll take a look into this.
  17. I'm not sure about the domains - they asked me to put one - i said custom ... and put my own website name.. went into the cpanel of godaddy and just set the servers as hostinger's servers
  18. And this cost you... how much? :3
  19. through go daddy for the domain itself ... i got mine for 2 years for about 26usd ...

    and the using my own domain on hostinger was free.