my youtube tutorials! :D

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by TheRobotChicken, Jul 16, 2012.

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  2. You should make a set for doing the basic functions on EMC. Res permissions, wild and nether movement, shops, etc.
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  3. isn't there already the 10 commandments? by jabrzer0 or dwight? i forget who, but ok :) second video coming in 20 minutes :D
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  4. I'll go watch them :)
  5. I could help in your videos.... :)
  6. :) uploading second and third video :)
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  7. hmmm... ill do a video of someones res, but who's?
  8. Review 14566 once it's done :)
  9. Wish I still had my mansion, but once 1.3 comes out I'll have an awesome church. :)
  10. ok well plz have a look at my videos guys, hope they work :) i have gtg to bed so night :)
  11. I was actually about to install rei's! :D
  12. Are you on Mac?
  13. SMP2 3879!
  14. Res 9278 in smp4 or 8438 in smp4
  15. 4440! Please robot... :)
  16. Pandora's box opened, now time to flee...
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  17. SMP 7 14692 is mine. I have a maze,skydive,and incomplete but functional coaster(the coaster is free if you bring a cart, 5r to rent one,many ppl don't get the rent thing: you buy the cart for 50r then ride it, then return the cart for 45r, so you only lose 5r)

    I also have an okay house, a wool farm, a statue of my skin, and some other things I can't remember( haven't been to it in a while cause I'm at the LLO)
  18. ill do ignoremooses as he was the first to comment |:)