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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am here today to tell you about my youtube channel! Well im going to start from the very beginning so get ready :p

    When I was 10 I made a youtube channel and uploaded a few videos and they were weird XD a few weeks after I made those videos I abandoned my channel mainly because I forgot I even had one. The next year when I turned 11 I went back to youtube and signed in and rediscovered my channel. I then started to make tons of videos of gaming, challenges, and more! I was always active and earned a lot of subscribers ( 34 :p ). That channel was called kathryn8960! Then suddenly a turn of events happened. I was using my school email to run my youtube channel, a few months ago we made it clear to that school I was not returning and I would be moving to a new state which did happen. After we told them that a few weeks passed and I went onto youtube and went to my channel. I was looking at comments and everything, all was normal. I started up my recording software to make a new video and I did on EMC. When I finished the video I started to upload it. I went to eat dinner and when I returned my screen was saying ERROR. I click the button to see the details on the error since I was confused. It said that I no longer had access to comment or upload on this channel because the administrator shut down my email. I was devastated, I thought that I would never be able to upload a video again. A few weeks passed and my mother knew about this and was also sad. Then she said "Well why don't you use your personal email that is not ran by a school." I got so happy that I would be able to make a new channel. I made my new channel and made my intro video to it. I told them that I wont be posting for a few weeks since I want to get used to my new house and all. A few weeks later I made some speed paints and uploaded them which was this and last week. Now I got my new channel up and ready to roll once more :D A few minutes ago I just verified my account, yay! So I will be making videos longer than 15 min. and I will be making live streams soon! I Hope you enjoy my videos and plz check out my channel!

    My channel is: Lil_Spartan_Cat
  2. My Latest Video, sorry about the bad audio:
  3. BUMP!
    ~I Might Do a Live Stream Tomorrow Afternoon~
  4. I am Going to Test out Live Streaming, Idk if it will work or not but im going to start one in a few minutes. To get to the live stream ill post the link here once started:

    Thats the live stream but im having some difficulties since its not showing minecraft on the screen its just black!
  6. BUMP!

    I just finished my Chibi Cat Girl speedpaint!