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  1. Hello All.
    I have decided to make a YouTube channel. It will be Minecraft videos mainly on EMC.
    Here are the first two! Enjoy!
    there will be more soon!

    Hey found something fun. PM me to make a EMC something fun episode on!
    Want me to film at an event PM me!
    here is the link to my youtube channel!
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  2. bump my 2nd video is out
  3. bump please watch them and subscribe!
  4. bump new video:

  5. I enjoy time lapses like your second video there. It shows great progress in little time :p
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  6. Thanks! I will do some more soon!
  7. Ill sub and I like your lapse video :D We should do a video some time together
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  8. cool i dont have a way to talk to you tho, maybe we should do a bulding challenge on a res or something
    :D :)
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  9. Im not sure the staff would like a server ip being visible on this thread lol
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  10. lol They cant take down my vid >:-D
  11. You may want to put it as a link or in a spoiler then.
  12. sorry if I sound stupid how do I do That XD
  13. Copy/paste the link, and hyperlink it using the little chain icon.
    Or, use spoiler in square brackets.
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  14. how to put stuff in spoilers yey
    [spoiler] content [/spoiler]

    it's 4 in the morning and i'm sitting here staring at the word spoiler thinking how weird it sounds...
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  15. *gets banned for advertising*
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  16. New and old video:

  17. Bump! I'm really sorry I haven't made a video in ages I will make one soon!
  18. new vids:
    Pixelmon go review:

    I am bad at skyblock (lapse Ep 3 )

  19. vid 2 contains server names and ips also it is skywars XD