My YouTube Channel!

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  1. Hi there community! I want to share my YouTube channel to you all... maybe gain a few subscribers *wink wink* (only joking.) I will be doing a variety of different videos on my channel... from MiniGames to Roleplays!


    There will be lots of EMC let's plays on it, so be sure to keep an eye out! The link is also accessible via my signature. (If you didn't know, its the words/images under the dotted line on the bottom of my post.)

    Hope ya'll can enjoy my YouTube videos!

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  2. This is nice. Since I have a channel and experience here is a tip :) Maybe get a microphone so you can talk during the videos. It can help you get more subscribers and take away confusion. Also if you truly cant get one you can try to use the chat bar but that can create confusion in chat or so :) I subscribe to your channel :3
  3. Or just delete the message after you've typed it
  4. true XD
  5. Thank you!