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  1. Hi Guys, i just want to talk to you about my YouTube channel. It has been around since September, but i just started uploading videos. I play EMC, and i will soon play stuff like 1.9 survival, mini games, and some other games. I barely have any sub, and my vids don't get almost any views, so i ask for you to subscribe, and tell you friend about me. Thank you.
  2. bump i need subs
  3. Thanks!
  4. I'll check it out :)
  5. Hey,

    I've watched a little bit of your videos, but your computer doesn't seem capable of playing Minecraft and recording at the same time. This gives a low framerate and it is rather annoying to watch to.

    Now, don't take this as any sort of 'hate', please take this as advise to improve your channel :)
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  6. Yeah. I know.
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  7. I have optifine, but it still is slow.
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  8. try fast craft if it is 1.8
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  9. Not allowed on EMC