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    I am planning to become more active on my channel, and I figured I should make a thread about it.
    What videos do you want to see made? I'd like to have unique content, not the average "Minecraft let's play" and such. Once I get a DSLR (90% sure I am going to get one) I am going to start to make 3D Printing tutorials and reviews.
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  2. EMC vids
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  3. I am planning on doing some EMC videos :D
  4. Do videos with other EMC Youtubers :D

  5. I use a DSLR, they're great :) I recommend Nikon :D Nice channel!
  6. Yea, I am thinking on getting the same camera you have (Your Nikon D3200), but am also interested in the Canon T5/T5i. The lower price of the Nikon will probably make me buy it :)
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  7. Depends what you need it for! But it is a very good DSLR, good one to consider :)
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  8. Cough, Collaborate with Tahitan
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  9. Bump, new video :)
    My next video may be an EMC one
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