My YouTube Channel!

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  1. lol love the illuminate confirmed video xD
  2. hahah, thanks :)
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  3. If you're good at editing and have a non-lagging PC (25+ FPS constant), feel free to apply for the YouTuber team :)
  4. 30FPS+ :p
  5. I know it should be 30FPS+, but a little bit of lag is fine (Going down to 20 fps for a sec while loading chunks is okay, or while in a death event, etc)
  6. I don't know why I was laughing so hard, but your videos are hilarious!
  7. Definitely disagree with that one. :p
  8. Thanks so much, i have never had so much nice feedback before :)
  9. yh that sounds awesome :) I can play minecraft capped at 60fps, how do i apply?
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  10. Love your youtube vids :) subbed
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  11. Sweet YouTube channel! Now ya need to upload EMC a vids ;)
  12. hahah thanks :) i might do some emc vids, not sure though. And i would donate to your mega mall but i only have 600r, but you can have that if you want cause i dont really need it :D I remember when i made a mega mall, it costs so much xD then i stopped playing minecraft and i lost all my res's. Pretty annoyed, but oh well :D
  13. xD
    Thanks for the offer! :D you don't need to donate rupees :3 if you want to, you can donate white stained clay ;) gonna need more than an SC to finish a 3rd floor xD That sucks that you lost your mega mall :( if you set up a shop I'll probs buy from it ;)
  14. yh i might set up a little one ;)
  15. Hey, just wondering what do i do with tokens from voting?
  16. Change the biome of your res, buy an Avalancher, or save them for future stuff :3
  17. oh right awesome :D