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  1. Some of you may remember my old Youtube account, Cocoapanda10, back from when I had a strange panda obsession, where I did an EMC 'promotional' video and later on, updates on my Axolotls for and then in August it was hacked and closed down. I did attempt to have another shot at Youtube, several of them actually, but the same hacker closed them all down time and time again.
    Then he tried to get into my gmail account, and I stopped him. Since then, he/she's been quiet. But, I asked my mum and dad if I could have a Youtube account, and they said no. So, I waited for 3 months, until I got impatient and made a secret temporary account I never uploaded videos on, just liked and commented on videos.
    I closed this account down on the 9th of May, and then asked my mum and dad if I could have another Youtube account on the 10th of May (my birthday), and, since I had turned 13 that same day, they allowed me to.

    Since Axolotl update videos are useless, seeing as my two neotenic children turn 1 year old in 4 days, and are almost fully grown (and are now fully mature in a reproductive sense), I will do a photo and video compilation of all their major achievements in the past year. I will hopefully have this done before Friday.

    So... Yeah. Once I have that done, I will begin doing videos. I will do most by myself, but I will also do some with my two friends from school - one of which is a Youtube Partner.

    I'll also be doing coding timelapses in things like Java and possibly C++. I'll hopefully have a website up soon, too, for these :)
    Answer the poll on which game I should do first. I'll do them all, in time, though...

    Channel link:
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  2. Dammit, I forgot the poll >.>

    Oh, well. You have a choice of these 3:
    Project Zomboid
  3. I believe you forgot the poll. But, good luck. Do you plan on playing Minecraft much?

    I vote Minecraft!
  4. I plan on doing alot of Minecraft, especially with my friends :p
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  5. Poll?
    *EDIT* nvm lol
  6. You may have noticed I forget polls alot >.>
  7. Ah, the posts hadn't updated yet :oops:
  8. I vote Project Zombie :3
  9. I wanna do that too :3 But, which version? The demo or the RC version? I have both, it's just I prefer the demo version because it's less buggy + the RC candidate has an unfinished everything.
  10. If I do the Java timelapse thing, about 90% of the video will be me fumbling around with Syntax errors and such :p
  11. What does RC stand for?
  12. RainbowChin? Wait, no, Release Candidate I think.
  13. images.jpg
  14. Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 11.41.26 PM.png
    So that is you...
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  15. I forgot about the Axolotl birthday video :p But happy birthday to them today, anyway xD

    I'm uploading my first video right now. It may contain a little bit of language of my friend.
  16. I want to see you play slender to see you crap yourself xD
  17. I don't crap myself at slender. Silly welshman :p
  18. Guess that's just me then....:p