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  1. I have just finished building my new PC, so I will be able to run other programs along with minecraft at the same time. So, I am thinking of starting up a Youtube series. It will be a lets play based on EMC, I will do the commentating on it, probably live. Theres nothing on it, but the channel name is IClutchZombiesHD. I am going to make it into sort of a competition. So the one I like the most/use will be rewarded with the corresponding amount of currency

    BUT FIRST, I need help with these things:
    -Background (Minecraft/Zombie Related) - 5k
    -Skin (Custom Zombie Slayer If Possible) - 3k
    -Intro (Minecraft/Zombie Related) -10k
    -Outro (Minecraft/Zombie Related) - 7k
  2. Hmm...
    If only I was better at using blender...
    Then you could have a pro intro!
  3. I am working on the Zombie Slayer, any specific color themes or anything you want?
  4. I dont want to find anything like it online :)
  5. I made your skin, took me forever, seeing as it was an on and off thing.

    Um, how to attach it?
  6. Here we are! I made a skin, try it on!

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  7. Ah sorry i have been away with work, you should be payed in full :)