My windmill [ WIP ]

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  1. I need some help with the windmill I'm building.
    I suck at building roofs so if anyone has got some ideas for a design feel free to leave it here.

    Also some other stuff that I could change?

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  2. Why do these things look so cool? are you trying to make the roof rounded off or put some kind of statue-esque thing on top?
  3. Well, I'd advise not making it too high, or it'll distract people from how great the rest of the windmill (specifically the blades) looks. Maybe just a short, pyramid-like roof the slightly overhangs WITHOUT TOUCHING THE BLADES to cap it all off? On the other hand, you could just do a miniature slab dome to provide a roof without changing it horribly, as it looks pretty good as is. :)
  4. If you are going to do the small dome/pryamid I think it would look good with the wood that you used for the trim. not sure, would have to see the difference between the wood and the stone brick :D Fortunately they both come in slabs :D

    Edit: Or is that dirt you used for trim? doesn't look like wood now that i zoom in. maybe cobble, hard to tell withthe texture pack
  5. Woops, I already finished the windmill and made some buildings.. woops.

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  6. That looks awesome!!!! Will come see when I finally get back from the wild