My wild base!

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  1. So I got bored and figured I would share some pictures of what my wild base looks like. I would appreciate any helpful criticism or ideas, seeing as i'm drawing a blank on what to build next. I do have a nether portal and a mine system but I didn't feel like posting pictures of those.

    Random huge room and a tree farm :3 (roughly 100x100 and 10 tall)

    One of 2 base entrances

    Netherwart and pumpkin farm

    More farms

    Auto smelting room with an auto fishing thing in the back.

    Unfinished garden with my Alchemy room to the right

    main entrance

    storage room

    The main room, it has a obsidian generator and a enchanting room. The left rail goes to a skeleton grinder and the right rail goes..somewhere. The stairs in the middle go to my farms o:

    My dinky vault with my bed in the back room o:

  2. A lot of work has went into this project.......

    Nice job :)
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  3. Wow, kinda similar to mine, nice job!
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  4. Thanks!
  5. Nice!what smp do you play?