My wierd nightmare...

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Did you read the whole thing? Do you belive me?

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  1. "Soo, before you read you might wana re-consider and just leave if you are under 16 years"

    Soo, last night i had a nightmare.I was "enrolled" to the HL2 Metropolice. We were taken in our civ. clothes to a tall tower (not the citadel). Then we were shown our beds,the toilet, the kitchen etc. After that tour i wanted to ask where is our equipment or when will we get it and went to the "superior officer" s office and asked. He (or she?) told me to go out the door at the end of the hallway. I did, it was a door like on buses, i had to keep a button down for it to open and there was a walkway. At the end of that walkway there was a door (off f in course) with a sign saying "EMPLOYEES ONLY" i hesitated a lil bit but then i opened it,oh man i shouldnt have.There was a cavern like room with stone walls and a waterfall with 2 Combine Soldiers guardning the door from the inside (with out my id they would have easily shot me) and on 1 side of the "cave" there was a small waterfall...god no.Why? Because there were "Ex-Metropolice officers" falling down that waterfall (if you didnt get it, corpses, some blown apart, some missing a few limbs).Not to mention remembering what the officer said we get the equipment form that room (The idea of wearing the equipment covered in the blood of dead fellows did indeed bother me) I went to take a closer look at them [...] some of there were still alive with their "masks" gone and "vocoms" (what turns their voice to the well known one all of them sound like) turned off, or just destroyed and some were lucky to not have yet lost a limb.I turned to run but the 2 soldiers didnt agree with it. They took me "hand-in-hand" to the superior s office...who sent me there.At the end they were sent back to the door and i was sent to sleep with the others. They next morning we woke up tp an alarm:The rebels have installed some sort of virus into the ventillation system (sorry, no zombies this time, the headcrabs were enough) so we most likely were already infected but we were told to get the bio-hazard suits (nott he H.E.V) then there was an explosion, the last thing i saw was a whole bunch of striders, APC's and Elite troops being dispatched on the streets.Then i blacked out, and saw probably the officer s body being thrown around by debrits,then i woke up