My Website! (need reviews and ideas)

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What should I add on my website next? (Ends on 10/2/13)

Poll closed Oct 2, 2013.
Links to my media networks (EMC, Steam, Skype, FB, Twitter, etc.) 4 vote(s) 57.1%
HTML tutorials 4 vote(s) 57.1%
Blog (is currently on my to-do list, but will be bumped up if highest voted 4 vote(s) 57.1%
Games I play 3 vote(s) 42.9%
Other (please post below with the prefix "POLL OTHER:" without quotes) 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Some of you know I'm into coding. Some of you don't. If you don't know, then you do now. A while back, I've asked the community about a free web hosting site, and got multiple answers, but the one I'm most pleased with is JackBiggin's suggestion, It gives me free FTP access, and I keep it forever (but I think I have to keep active every 30 days :p). Anyway, once I got the site, I was like "Let's make a homepage!" So I did that. Then, I was like "Let's add some pictures!" And I did that too (well, kinda :3). Now, I'm completely out of ideas. If anyone has ideas/suggestions for what to add on my website, please post below and/or vote in the poll above. Thanks!



    EDIT: For the poll, I'm going to add the highest-voted suggestion onto my site (along with credits embedded in the HTML as a comment for any of you techies here who know how to view the source code ;P)
    EDIT 2: If, by chance, you want to make a website on this site, add me as a referrer by following this link.
  2. I cant get to the webpage :(
  3. That looks pretty good. Try learning some html5 and css3 to to give it some more aesthetic touches.
  4. A) Font (Try Arial (or Helvetica the original if on mac))
    B) Background (Blue is a eyesore for me with white. Maybe grey)
  5. Looks neat!
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  6. Is there an error message that comes up? If not, try this link (same but without the "default.php" redirect).

    I am. is teaching me how to do HTML (I know some, but I'm still learning ;))

    Yeah. It hurts my eyes too, but black and white is just too bland. I'll try gray and see what happens.

    Thanks! :)
  7. For border-less pictures try this:
    <img src="example.jpg" alt="Example" style="border-width: 0"/>

    For linking to other pages you can try this:

    to make the area where the link takes you to
    <a name="example">content </a>

    to make the link itself
    <a href="#example" Title = "Whatever you want to pop up on mouse hover">content</a>

    if it's to a different page itself - say page you're on is called cookies.htm and the page you want to go to is called index.htm ... type one of these

    <a href="index.htm#example" .....>content </a>
    <a href"index.htm" .... >content </a>

    to go directly to a different page itself...

    Edit: Also something you should always remember to add*

    Either a comment like so:
    <!-- Author: "Your Name" -->

    or a metatag with your name:
    <meta name = "Author" Content="Name"/>

    or for searches:
    <meta name = "keywords" Content="Chris,5chris100,etc..."/>
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  8. I learned html last year and made a website about mythical creatures, but it was on something where the website was deleted if nobody looked at it for 30 days, and that's what happened :/
  9. Thanks for all of that! Copy-pasted it into my tags file. I'll be sure to test them all out as I fiddle around with it over the weekend. ;)
  10. Chris - make sure to re-look at my post... i updated it :)
    They're not visible coding when it's saved... but is necessary to prevent plagiarism and stuff.
    You can still view them from 'view source'
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  11. That helps a lot, thanks!

    I know they won't :p But will they copy over if, say, I copy-paste my header onto another site?

    Set the site as your homepage. That's what I do :)
  12. The comment and meta tag are normally written in the header ... so if you copy paste the entire header, then it will copy over, yes.
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  13. I learned HTML from w3schools too. A friend at school showed me it. I was already into programming and gave it a try. I went through most of the tutorials. There is a lot w3 schools doesn't teach including a lot of canvas stuff and some of the newer css3 and html5 stuff. I am making a site for the Demonthunder. It isn't complete yet but feel free to get some ideas from it.
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  14. Hey, I'm co-founder of Le Edeen Dur! :p
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  15. Oh wow Nice!
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