my vacation: a farewell as I leave for a bit.

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yes or no? (to anything)

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NO. 2 vote(s) 16.7%
whaa? 6 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. I have made a decision. V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N. i really need one. i have been raging at the new noobs who dont actually read the guide, and all the other things. for probably a week i will be gone from EMC to spend some loving time with my xbox and my single player worlds. also until my laptop's internet gets fixed so i can play. :p
    But have no fear! i have a phone with internet, so i can still be on the forums! also the slug trials are going well :)), and im not leaving for good! EMC will not lose another member! this is just so i dont punch through my laptop again.
    fairwell people of EMC! i am casting off the dock to find new lands, then i will be back.
    also no money is going to anybody. or items. or lots. its all temporary.
  2. vacation because internet on my laptop is out :p
    smartphones FTW!
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  3. Bye! But don't leave forever :(
  4. ... heck no. i love emc too much. i put in much more time into EMC than all of my single player worlds since i found emc combined!
  5. if you've time pop by smp2 for a drink in one of my Inns
  6. You'll be back soon, for my cookies.... ( you wont remember eating them )

    *being serious* I hope you have a great vacation. I will soon be having mine too. :( But on my Ipod I will keep up o date hopefully. :)
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  7. What's that?[/quote]
    what did you do?
  8. what did you do?[/quote]
    oops sorry
    Btw what's emc combined?
  9. oops sorry[/quote]
    you did it agen
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  10. you did it agen[/quote]
    What?! :eek:
  11. What?! :eek:[/quote]
    the replay butten is broken!!!
  12. the replay butten is broken!!![/quote]
    I do not understand a word, but I like this. Keep it going :D
  13. What?! :eek:[/quote]

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  14. Vacation sounds fun!
  15. Have fun.
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  16. already gone up 10 levels in skyrim :p
    oh god i need to get a life :( maybe ill do more quests. that should make me feel involved :D
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  17. just to get you missing us more :p
    That and its now planted in your brain that theres something interesting on smp2 for when you return (A)
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